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Our Frozen Birthday Party


For those who have been following, you know that we’ve been at this party for weeks (months, if you include all of the Pinterest planning). I know that some people (probably most) think that I’m crazy for putting in so much effort into “just” a kid’s party. But birthdays have always been a big deal to me. As a parent, you put all of yourself into raising these amazing little humans, so I think it’s important to celebrate them once a year. Take one day out of the year to let them know how awesome you think they are. Pour as much love and positive energy into them while you can, so they might be able to stand up to a world waiting to tear them down every chance it gets. Throw them huge parties, because one day all too soon, they will grow up and not want to spend their birthdays with you. One day they will become pre-teens and want a “just friends” party. The way I look at it, I only get about 10 birthdays where my kids are going to want me around. Out of an entire lifetime, I get 10 measly birthdays. 12, if I’m lucky. So yes, I will go balls to the wall for my 4 year old because it’s important to me and it matters to her.

Since our kids’ birthdays are 6 weeks apart and I had baby #3 in between their birthdays this year, they shared a party. Honestly, after baby #3 has her own 1st birthday (because I don’t feel right making her share her first birthday), they’re all sharing a party. Hope they grow up to like the same stuff.

This year’s theme was a cinch to pick because like every other little girl, my now 4 and 2 year olds are obsessed with Frozen. With it being a sister movie, it was even more perfect. We picked the theme super early, so I had months to scour Pinterest for ideas. My Frozen Pinterest board was full in no time. Editing is not my strong suit; I’m more of a ‘I want to do it all’ type. But since this is my 4th go-around in the kid party rodeo, I knew that it is impossible to do everything. I did manage to do quite a bit though.

We didn’t have enough seating for everyone, so I wanted finger food because it would be easy to eat. Our menu included:

Mini Pizzas (although I opted to use shredded mozzarella instead of string cheese, and didn’t do pepperoni because Sam’s Club was out when my husband went shopping)



Anna’s Honey Ham Sandwiches


Crock Pot Mac n’ Cheese (our only non-finger food, but a must have at a kid’s party). Since it was elbow macaroni, I decided to call it “Olaf Noses Mac n’ Cheese”.



Sven Nutter Butter Cookies


Marshmallow pops, which I called, “Elsa’s Snowballs”. Marshmallows were a must because Ary LOVES marshmallows.



Kristoff’s Ice Blocks, aka jello squares. Unfortunately the jello didn’t set right; the squares fell apart when you picked them up. I don’t know how I managed to mess up jello; probably the fault of making it at 2 am the night before.


Olaf String Cheese


Melted Olaf Vanilla Pudding. Now, I am not a dairy eater; I’m allergic. I have never had pudding before. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I wasn’t concerned about the fact that it was just a picture without any instructions, because it seemed very straight forward to me. I piped his arms and hair piece with melted chocolate on parchment paper in advance, bought candy eyes, and candy corn for the nose. The instructions on the pudding box said that it would set up in 5 minutes, and we were out of fridge space, so we mixed them up hours before the party. To my complete shock, the pudding came out yellow! So, Olaf looked like he got peed on. I had no idea that vanilla pudding was yellow; I thought it was going to be white. After the party I discovered via Google that homemade vanilla pudding comes out white. Because I totally had time to make yet another element from scratch. But I was told that he still tasted yummy.


We also had Hershey’s kisses masquerading as ‘True Love’s Kiss’.


Cheetos were also caught pretending to be Olaf noses.


I kept it simple for drinks. We served beer and coffee for the adults, using my DIY disposable coffee cups.


We also had bottles of ‘melted snow’.


Our signature drink was Snow Cap Punch. We used half raspberry lemonade Kool-Aid and half Sprite, and threw dollops of Cool Whip on top instead of ice cream. This was a hit! Everyone loved it.


Decor was simple, but effective. We had Frozen tablecloths, cups, straws, napkins and plates which you can see in the pictures above.

We stole one of the girls’ Frozen posters and their Frozen dolls and displayed them on the mantle of the fireplace with the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner I got at Target for $3 to create a lovely focal point.


I put together collages for each of the girls, chronicling their last year. I also made a collage for Kinlie, who we named Arya after (you can read about that story in my post about Ary’s birth). We displayed all of them right next to the mantle, because people were most likely to see it there.


Party City has awesome Frozen balloons with images of Elsa and Anna printed on them, so I got a dozen of those along with a dozen solid balloons, and mylar character balloons.



Daddy put long icicle lights in the doorway to their playroom for added whimsy.


I actually had too many games planned; we only got through 3 of the 5. But the kids had so. much. fun! The other two games weren’t needed. Better to have too much planned, then run out of ideas and have bored kids on your hands.

We started off with our ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ game. In retrospect, I wish I wouldn’t have been quite so cheap and had just splurged on the sticker paper for the noses. It was a little hard to get the noses to stick just right. But it wasn’t so bad that the kids couldn’t play. They had a lot of fun with this classic! Eowyn actually tied for the win : )



Next, we did the pinata. I found the perfect Anna and Elsa pinata at Party City for $15. After my disastrous DIY Pintrosity of a pinata, I was happy to fork over the dough for a proper one! Obviously, the kids loved this! I got the good candy too–Milky Ways, Snickers, Butterfingers. If you’re going to do it, do it right.


Then we did our ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ game. The kids had a blast with this one! They all made super cute snowmen too : )

Eowyn the Snowman

Eowyn the Snowman

Ary only wanted to put the hat on

Ary only wanted to put the hat on

One of our other games, ‘Snowball Fight’, was not needed because the kids created their own snowball fight with the used up toilet paper when they were done building their snowmen. The living room was covered in toilet paper and exploding with laughter! I love that they were having so much fun that they created their own game. When they tired of throwing toilet paper at each other, I told them the only way they would get cake was if they cleaned up every scrap of toilet paper. They had that mess cleaned up within minutes!

Our Frozen cake:


For weeks leading up to the party, Eowyn had been talking about putting on a show for her friends at her party. She tends to be shy in social settings, so I wasn’t expecting her to go through with it. In fact, when the house first started filling up with people, she came up to me and said, “Mom, I’m a little nervous. I think I wanted a small party; there’s a lot of people here!” After the initial chaos of people arriving settled, she got more comfortable and had a lot of fun. Since it was a Sunday and the party started at 4 pm, people started leaving after the cake. Eowyn ran up to me completely distraught, “But Mom they can’t leave! I didn’t get to do my show!” So a few family members and a couple of our neighbors stuck around to watch her perform. I could tell she was nervous standing in front of everyone (there were about 14 people, including Tyler and I), but she sang Let It Go. Because she was so nervous, she ended up forgetting quite a few lyrics and even skipped an entire section, but she did it! Poor thing cried afterwards because she was upset over the part that she skipped. But I was so proud of her. My husband and I are both actors, so we know how hard it is to get in front of people and perform. I am a shy person myself; it’s taken me my entire life to break out of my shell. I was so bad that I wouldn’t even talk to my teacher in kindergarten! I see so much of myself in her. So to see her be so much braver than I ever was at 4 years old brought me to tears. I could not have been any prouder of her than I was in that moment. She was scared, but she conquered her fear. I know that that moment was a defining moment in her life; that will be something that she will never forget.

wpid-wp-1416977786954.jpegThis party was worth every hour and penny that I put into it, because it made my kids feel special.

I had so much fun putting everything together! If you’d like to read the posts on all the prep work I did, here are the links:



Frozen Birthday Party Prep: Olaf Games

My oldest daughter, Eowyn, turns 4 on the 23rd. It happens to fall on a Sunday this year, so her party gets to be on her actual birthday again (last year it was on a Saturday). Since I was 38 weeks pregnant on Arya’s birthday, we decided to throw them a combination party on Eowyn’s birthday. The party is Frozen themed, which couldn’t be more perfect with the sister theme : ) Of course it wouldn’t be one of my parties if I didn’t do way too many crafts, and I’ve decided to share them with you as we make them. Notice how I said “we”? That’s right–I’m letting the toddlers help. Which can be hard because I lean towards the perfectionist side, but it’s so much more meaningful that we made everything together, rather than it looking Pinterest perfect.

So today’s Frozen crafts were for 2 of the party games: ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ and ‘Snow Ball Fight’.

There’s a ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ game that you can buy online, but I’m cheap and knew that I could make it myself. I bought a poster board at Walmart for $.90, and all the other supplies I had at home. Although I don’t draw, Olaf is a very simple shape; I mean, he’s a snowman for goodness’ sake. I practiced on scrap paper, and once I was satisfied, I drew him out with pencil (so I could erase mistakes 50 times) on the poster board. Tip–the back of the poster erases much easier than the front.

My Olaf Pre-Toddler Invasion

My Olaf Pre-Toddler Invasion

Not too shabby. Obviously, I left the nose off because…that’s the whole point of the game.

Then I handed over my Mona Lisa to my almost 4 year old to trace with a Sharpie.


Ary started throwing a huge fit because she wanted to color Olaf too, so she added her own touch.



Good thing Olaf likes colors, because he has a pink foot now.

Then I made some carrot noses out of orange construction paper. To make sure they were all the same size I used the first one I made as a stencil for the rest.


For the party, we’ll throw some scotch tape on the noses and voila! A homemade ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ game that cost a whopping $.90. Even if I wasn’t such a cheapskate though, I think I would still opt to make things myself, especially when my kids are involved. I just get so much more satisfaction out of things that I know I made with my own hands. Plus I get to teach my kids something new. Winning all around.


Is it Pinterest perfect? No–it’s better, because my kids made it.

‘Snow Ball Fight’ is simple: give each kid a cup of cotton balls and let them have at each other! The kids and I played this last winter during polar vortex days when you’d get hypothermia if you looked out the window for too long, and we always had a blast. With the snow theme attached to Frozen, I thought it would be a great game for the party.

I was going to make these generic snowman cups that I saw on Pinterest, but once I realized how easy Olaf was to draw, I drew him on our cups instead. Then I let the kiddos fill them up with out “snow”.



Done : )


I don’t know how many kids are coming yet, because I just barely got the invites out on Monday, so we filled up 6. The pack of styrofoam cups came with 20 (God, please don’t let 20 kids show up to this thing!), and I drew Olaf on all of them, figuring the extras can be for the adults to drink coffee from. I’ll probably write a quote on the coffee cups like, “I’ve always loved the idea of summer and sun and all things hot” or something.

The 20 pack of styrofoam cups was $.98 and the bag of cotton balls was $3.68 at Walmart. Just like that, you have a fun, under $5 party game that is sure to be a hit : )


Well, I’m off to go clean up the disastrous mess the toddlers made while I did these crafts.

Wait, scratch that–#2 is crying. I guess nap time is over.