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Homemade Dusting Cleaner



Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a quick cleaning tip with you that I have recently discovered.

It turns out that tea tree oil works really well for dusting! I normally don’t use Pledge when I dust because we have hard wood floors and no matter how carefully I spray, it always ends up on the floor. Since we have 3 crazy kids running around the house all day, the last thing we need is slippery floors. But I do really like the shine you get when you polish wood furniture.

Then my chiropractor told me that I could use tea tree oil to dust! All you do is dilute 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil in a 12 or 16 oz spray bottle of water. I sprayed my oil/water mixture onto my dusting mitt (I have a Norwex dusting mitt that I absolutely love. It really grabs all of the dust instead of just moving it around) and then got to dusting!

Now this picture is a little embarrassing because we hadn’t dusted in awhile. But in the interest of showing you just how well the tea tree oil works…


Look at that shine! Bonus: tea tree oil kills dust mites. But the best part for me was when I cleaned my kitchen table (which is on hard wood): none of the cleaner ended up on the floor.

Tea tree oil also kills mold, so you can take this same spray bottle into the bathroom to clean up. I’ve also used it to treat dandruff, and it worked wonders! There are actually a bunch of uses for this awesome stuff. If you are into natural cleaning and natural remedies, you should do some Googling and read up on tea tree oil.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!