The Very Last Post

So I know that I said that I was done with this site, and I am. But I had to pop over one last time to encourage anyone who is still following this web address of my site to switch over to my new and improved web site. It’s seriously gorgeous! So click the link below to head over to the new site and hit that ‘follow’ button so you can continue to journey with me through the crazy days of motherhood, baking, and serving Christ.


See you where the grass is greener!


I’m Moving

Some exciting news guys! My post, “Dear 2 Year Old: You’re Making the Baby Cry” is being published on Scary Mommy today! I am thrilled to be teaming up with such a fun website and community of Moms.

In celebration, I decided to give my site a face lift. My husband knows a lot about web design, so I enlisted him to help me in this task. By “help me” I of course mean “do all of it for me because I have no idea how to do this stuff”. He is such a rock star; my new site looks amazing! But, I am now hosting my site through WordPress.org instead, so this post is the last one that will be on this site. If you’ve been typing in my address as http://www.myownunexpectedjourney.com then nothing is changing for you. But if you’ve been coming here by typing in http://www.myownunexpectedjourney.wordpress.com then you need to update your bookmark so that you can continue on this crazy adventure of motherhood with me.



Go check out the new digs! The hubby really pimped it out for me.

And please go check out my post on Scary Mommy! And then share it with everyone you know 😉

Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride!