The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Although I knew I would inevitably fall behind on my Christmas posts, I didn’t think I would get end-of-January behind. Sorry about that, guys! I first fell behind when my best friend was visiting us; I didn’t want to be like, “Sorry, I know you flew 2,000 miles to see me, but I have to blog”, because that’s rude. If I ever get to a point where I’m sacrificing relationships to blog, someone needs to stop me. People are always the most important thing. Then we just got busy with Christmas and have had back-to-back sickness in this house ever since. But, I’m here now and am vowing to finish this series up. Our Bible themed advent calendar was a huge success with the kids and I want to share it with you.

I decided to continue in the convention of writing about each day as if that day was today, if that makes any sense.


So here we go:

One of my best friends came out from California and stayed with us for a week. On her bucket list of things to do while in Wisconsin was Culver’s, because she had grown quite found of their famous frozen custard. So we had dinner at Culver’s tonight, and I paid for a custard and gave the clerk instructions to give it to the next person who ordered one.
Total cost for this random act of kindness: $2.60

Our advent for the day:


We did a simple shepherd’s staff/candy cane coloring.


While they were coloring, we played “Little Drummer Boy” on my phone. I love that song because it paints the perfect picture of the true Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, our kids weren’t really listening to the lyrics because they were too busy coloring. Oh well; I’ll try again next year! We also talked about all of the symbolism in the infamous Christmas candy cane.

Then we planted candy cane seeds that grew overnight into candy canes! This is an idea that I saw on Pinterest. If you have young kids, you should check out this fun Christmas activity! Before bedtime, have the kids “plant” a round red and white striped mint in a small pot, cover it with “snow” (cotton balls), and sprinkle candy cane food on top (white glitter).

But the only way that it will grow is if it’s dark and quiet, so the kids must hurry off to bed so it can grow! After I told them that, Eowyn ran around the house turning all the lights off, and telling everyone to use their whisper voices. The girls climbed the stairs as quiet as mice, so as not to disturb their candy cane plants. So cute! Sure enough, there were candy canes in the pots the next morning.


I told them that if they left the candy canes alone for another night, that they would grow bigger, but they both decided to harvest them immediately and eat their baby candy canes. This is definitely going to become a Christmas tradition while the kids are young enough to buy into it! It was pure magic watching their faces light up when they found their candy canes the next morning. That’s the stuff I live for. That’s the stuff that makes it all worth it.


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