The Thirteenth Day of Christmas

Today was a busy day. It began with a 9:45 am call for Eowyn’s Nutcracker dress rehearsal.


We came home for lunch, and then went to a local tree farm to get a Christmas tree.


While we were paying, they asked if we wanted to be put on their email list. I’m all about supporting local small business, so I was happy to give them my email address. Tyler noticed that they were collecting emails on a sheet of paper instead of directly inputting them into a computer. While he’s not an internet marketer, he does have experience in that field and knows quite a bit about it. He couldn’t help but ask why they were collecting emails that way, and before I knew it he was sitting down with the owners for 40 minutes giving free advice. It turns out they were being majorly ripped off by the company handling their website. He left them his contact information in case they ever had any more questions. So our first act of kindness for the day was completely unplanned and completely free. All it cost us was our time.

We went to Target on our way home, where my best friend spoiled our girls by letting them pick out their own toys. Eowyn picked out a Sofia the First head bust meant for little girls to practice doing hair on. I was very supportive of her getting this, because she had been practicing on my hair, and nearly ruining it…



This is much better:


Arya picked out a lightsaber and immediately started physically assaulting people in Target with it. When she got it home, she really let loose on Dad…


This kid genuinely terrifies me.

I completely forgot about the Christmas tree on top of the car and tried pulling into the garage. There was a horrible scraping sound and for a moment I thought I had ruined Christmas. Luckily the tree wasn’t completely destroyed, although part of the rack from the car broke off and our tree has a pretty significant hole in it…


Oops. No problem; we just turned the tree so the messed up bit faced the wall.

With all the tree trimming in our future, we decided to order pizza for dinner. While placing my order online, I was asked if I wanted to donate money to Saint Jude’s Hospital. I love all that they do for pediatric oncology, so I donated $10.


Our pizza was delivered to us by a man who looked to be in his late 40’s, early 50’s. Definitely not your typical college aged delivery boy. He pulled out 2 boxes, but we could tell that it wasn’t our order because we had ordered 3 pizzas and chicken wings. Upon checking the receipt of that order, he confirmed that it was for another house, apologized, and went back to his car to get our order. I really felt for this man who was too old to be working this job and was obviously having a rough night. God pulled on my heartstrings, and even though money is tight for us right now (and always) and even though I had just made an unplanned $10 donation, and even though he was kind of bad at his job, I listened to God’s nudge, and gave him a $20 tip on our $30 order. He asked how much change I wanted and I smiled and told him to keep it; “Merry Christmas!”, I told him with all sincerity. He looked up surprised and said, “Wow! It is a merry Christmas! Thank you!” He then went on to explain that he mixed up our order because he was tired from the 5 am start time of his construction job that he had had that morning. Pizza delivery is his second job. I’m so glad that I didn’t put God in the small box of our limited finances. God is the master multiplier (remember the 5,000 He fed with the 3 small fish and 2 loaves of bread?); He can easily stretch our fixed income so that we don’t run out of groceries towards the end of the month. God blessed that man tonight, and it was a humbling thing to witness.

So today, we ended up doing 3 RAOK instead of just 1. The OCD part of me wants to slightly freak out about this because it’s supposed to only be 1 act a day; what if I run out of ideas towards the end of the month because I banged out 3 in a single day? But then I remember that there are only rules if I make them. Kindness should come from the heart. It’s best not to plan too much, otherwise we’re putting God in a box. Move when the Spirit prompts you to, and trust that God is more creative than you. I’m pretty sure God can think of a new way to bless someone every day until the end of time. I just have to do my part by letting go of this bit of me that wants to control everything. He’ll do the rest.

Our advent for the day:


We finished the tree decorating for the night right before bedtime, so instead of singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing together, we sang O Christmas Tree around our newly lit tree. Hark the Hearld makes much more sense for the story, but our kids are too young to notice. They just enjoy doing stuff as a family, and so do I.



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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I wish I would have finished my Christmas series, but my entire family got hit with the flu the week of Christmas. After the flow was broken, it was hard to get myself back in the groove of writing about Christmas. I plan on releasing a post sometime in November that has all of our advent activities in it, for anyone who may be interested. Thanks for reading!

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