The Fourteenth Day of Christmas

We didn’t get anything more than half the lights and the tree topper done last night, so today we focused on trimming the tree. Somehow between that and nursing, we ran out of time to do our advent activity before we had to leave for a Christmas party this evening. The party was a 2 hour drive one way, so we got back super late. Way too late to do anything but put the grumpy kids to bed.

The belles of the ball!

The belles of the ball!


Daddy's girls

Daddy’s girls

Our attempt at a family picture...

Our attempt at a family picture…

We actually didn’t get around to doing our advent until December 16th, but I’ll post it under this day for consistency’s sake.


This game was super easy to set up. All I did was draw stars on post-its and stick them on the floor from the kitchen to the play room. I gave them a start point and told them to follow the stars to Bethlehem! If you have older kids, you could do a night time version by hiding glow sticks in the back yard for them to find. Again, it was simple. But the kids had fun, which is all that matters!


Unfortunately, we didn’t do a random act of kindness today. The opportunity didn’t really present itself, and I didn’t want to force it. My one and only rule that I’m sticking by this year is: if it stresses us out, we stop doing it. Sometimes life with young kids gets the best of you, and today was one of those days! As long as we are putting our best effort into every day, we can’t beat ourselves up when we don’t get every single thing done. It’s the heart that counts.


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