The Fifteenth Day of Christmas

Today was just a low key day at the house. We just hung out doing the best thing–nothing at all.


Eowyn had dance class in the evening. During the class, one of the other moms came up to me and asked if I wouldn’t mind keeping an eye out for her kid so that she could pop over to a nearby store to get a Christmas present for her other kid. Of course I said I didn’t mind at all. She ended up getting back before the kids came out to switch into their tap shoes anyways, so all I really did was watch over her bag for her. But she was so grateful! I totally understand how much easier it is to get a quick errand done without kids, and I was happy to have helped a fellow mom out in that way. So my first act of kindness today was completely unplanned and completely free.

After dance class, we had to run to Target (of course; I feel like I live at Target). As we were walking out, I left a dollar bill in one of the empty carts for someone to find. It always makes my day whenever I find a dollar laying around somewhere, and although I know that one measly dollar hardly makes up for the extra expenses incurred during Christmas, I hope that it at least brought a smile to someone.

We again didn’t get around to doing our advent activity today, but I will again post it here for consistency’s sake.


Another silly game of my own invention. We took one of their billion baby dolls and hid it in random spots around the house for the girls to find.

Like underneath Ary’s discarded pajamas:


The girls loved it!


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