The Tenth Day of Christmas

We actually left the house today to go to the grocery store. Anyone who has gone shopping with 3 preschoolers knows what a big deal this is. For anyone who has never had this pleasure, riddle me this: once all the children, reusable bags, diaper bag and Baby Bjorn are in the cart, where is one supposed to put one’s groceries?


You should celebrate Mother’s Day just for the sole purpose of marveling at how your mothers were able to feed you despite this very real challenge. Be grateful.

Anyways, we have to bag our own groceries at our store, so we left an encouraging note at the bottom of a plastic bag for the next customer to find.


Simple, effective, and best of all, FREE.

The girls also gave $.5o to the Salvation Army bell ringers outside the store.

Our advent card for the day:


I found this nativity handprint craft on Pinterest and did it with Eowyn last year. I want to make it a tradition while they’re little because I think it’s so beautiful.


The poem says:

“I used my hand for Jesus, a manger for Him to lay.

I’ll use my heart so full of love, as a place for Him to stay.”

We finally did a craft! Gold star for this Momma.



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