The Ninth Day of Christmas

Today’s random act of kindness came from Eowyn. I put her and Ary down for a nap and then went downstairs to nurse Laurelyn. Ary was pulling her usual shenanigans, getting out of bed to mess around in the room. Eowyn tattled on her and I used our nifty 2-way baby monitor to tell her to get back in bed. Ary starts throwing a fit and through her tears yells, “I WANT MY BLANKET!” I tell her that I had already tucked her in and was not going to go back upstairs to do it again; she was going to have to get her own blanket. She cries even harder. Then she says through her tears, “I WANT SISSY DO MY BLANKET!” Eowyn rightly replied, “No.” Ary cries even harder. Then Eowyn sighs and says, “Oh all right. But just one time!” Then I heard Eowyn get out of bed and walk over to her sister’s bed and tuck her in. True love is doing something to help someone else, even when you don’t want to. Not only did she make her sister happy, but she also helped me out because I didn’t have to go upstairs to deal with Ary while I was in the middle of nursing.

Our advent card for the day:


We set up their Tinker Bell tent in their room with pillows and blankets and told them there was no room at the inn–they would have to camp out on the floor. I have never seen these girls be so excited to go to sleep. They got ready for bed in record time! We should let them sleep on the floor more often. After Eowyn got her pajamas on, she asked me, “Mom, are we really sleeping in a real tent? You’re not just kidding?” I doubt Mary and Joseph were as excited to sleep on the floor that night thousands of years ago, but our kids were loving it.


Of course after Eowyn fell asleep, Ary started messing around in the room in her fight to stay awake. So she ended up being put in her bed and Eowyn slept by herself in the tent.

An idea for older kids would be to volunteer at a homeless shelter as a family for this day, because Mary and Joseph were homeless that night.

I hope you are all enjoying the first part of the Christmas season!



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