The Eighth Day of Christmas

At one point while I was nursing Laurelyn today, Eowyn came up to me with one of her barbie dolls. “Mom, we can give this doll to someone else who doesn’t have any toys because I don’t play with her very much and I know it would make them really happy.” I then suggested that we go through all of her toys and collect the ones that she’s outgrown to give away for other kids to enjoy, and she agreed. So we sat down and did just that. Half and hour later, she had filled a box with toys to be donated. It was 100% her idea. I never pressured her and I let her pick out every toy because I really wanted it to be her decision. There were no fits; she gave happily from her heart.


Our advent card:


I am ashamed to say that I have yet to make a single cookie this Christmas season. I’ve been so busy making birthday cakes that I haven’t had any time for cookies, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. On this night, the kitchen was still a wreck from the Frozen cake that I did, so baking cookies was out of the question. Instead, we packed up a back pack with their play food. Then Eowyn shoved a doll under her shirt and sat side saddle on her rocking horse. Ary put the backpack on and led us to Bethlehem (turns out Bethlehem is in our kitchen; who knew?).

Mary & Joseph are packed up and ready for their trip to Bethlehem!

Mary & Joseph are packed up and ready for their trip to Bethlehem!

Eowyn took it a step further and established our laundry room as the stable, where she pushed the baby from underneath her shirt. My favorite part was when she yelled, “Dad, come catch my baby! It’s about to pop out of my tummy!” After the baby popped out, she said his name was Jesus. I asked her what he was going to grow up to be. She said, “He’s going to be the King and he will wipe every tear from every eye.”

It’s moments like that which leave me in awe of what training up a child actually is. It’s so easy to lose the importance of parenthood in the routine of sippy cups and laundry. It’s so easy to forget how important our jobs as parents actual are. We are so much more than babysitters. We are in charge of crafting lives. It is the most important job we will ever have, and we must not forget that.






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