The Seventh Day of Christmas

After the non-stop activities of yesterday, I was exhausted when I woke up this morning. It was going to be a 2 cup morning for sure–  Except the coffee maker stopped working. I spilled coffee grounds in the water tank on accident a couple days ago and now it seems to be clogged. Eowyn had a friend coming over at noon for a play date and now I was going to have to struggle through it without any coffee. As far as I’m concerned, my random act of kindness for today was getting through it without chopping heads off while 3 preschoolers ripped through the house in princess heels.

When it was time for her friend to leave, Eowyn left her at the door and ran into her play room. She came running back with one of her Frozen dolls and handed it to her friend saying, “You can take her home with you to borrow because I know you really liked playing with her.” My 4 year old did a random act of kindness completely of her own accord and without any prompting from me. I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

Unfortunately life happened and it got too late/Ary got too grumpy for us to do our advent calendar today. So we just did two the next day (I’m writing this post after the fact). I told you that we’re winging it! But the number one rule of ‘don’t get stressed out by Christmas stuff’ has stayed in tact, which is all that matters.


This was such a sweet activity to play with our girls. Daddy played Joseph and both Eowyn and Arya played Mary. Eowyn asked Tyler if she could marry him just last week, so this activity was special to her. I both can’t wait yet dread the day that our girls get married. I expect I’ll need a lot of wine on those days.


Another option for the family activity for this day is to pick a wedding registry at random on Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s website and buy a wedding gift for a stranger. There’s always an option when buying registry gifts online to have it gift wrapped and shipped to the couple, so you could do that and include a note letting them know that they are the recipients of a random act of kindness. That would be fun for older kids to help pick out the gift : )



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