The Sixth Day of Christmas

Today was a busy day.

It started with a 9:45 am call time for the dress rehearsal of Eowyn’s Nutcracker. Then it was straight home to work on finishing touches of a Frozen cake that I was doing as a gift for Eowyn’s neighbor friend. This cake was my act of kindness for the day (even though it took me 3 days to make).


When I’ve committed to month long sprees of kindness in the past, I wouldn’t have counted doing a cake for someone, because I do cakes for friends all the time. I would make silly rules about what “counted” as a random act of kindness, essentially putting myself in a box that was very unforgiving. I’m realizing how ridiculous that kind of thinking is. There is no right or wrong way to be nice. Committing to doing a month’s worth of kind acts has opened my eyes to how much I do for others on a regular basis. Sometimes I feel cheap when I show up to a party with no gift except one of my cakes. We are so brainwashed into thinking that the only gifts worth giving are ones that can be bought at a store. But I put in at least 8 hours on that cake. When I stop and think about it, that’s worth so much more than any $30 toy from Target. We should give more of ourselves and less of our wallets. Can you imagine what an impact it would make if we all used our talents to bless each other? I daresay, we might change the world, my friends.

Our advent card for the day:


To play the ‘Clear the Way’ game, you separate pairs of socks and put them in a line on the floor. The kids have to start on one end and match up all the socks as they walk down the line, ‘clearing the way’ for Jesus! Simple. Fun.






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