The Fourth Day of Christmas

I’m working on a Frozen cake for one of my daughter’s neighbor friends who is having her birthday party on Saturday, so we didn’t leave the house today. It’s always difficult to think of a way that you can show kindness to someone else when you are home all day, because…you’re not exactly around other people. God still found an opportunity for us to bless someone else though–we rounded up all of our decorations from our Frozen party that was 2 weeks ago, and gave it all to them to borrow for their party so they wouldn’t have to go buy all of that stuff. These kid parties are expensive; we mamas gotta help each other out when we can! Our neighbors were very grateful and it made us happy to be able to help.


Our advent card for today was about Mary’s song of praise.


I have to say that this was my favorite activity so far. It was so sweet to listen to our girls put into song what they were grateful for in their lives. Eowyn sang thanks for our house, her playset, and our dogs and cat. Arya sang thanks for the time we went to Disneyland and met Cinderella. I saw the pure beauty of their innocence and the sincerity of their hearts tonight. My cup overflows.

I pray that your cup is overflowing as well, my friends!



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