The Third Day of Christmas

Aldi’s ‘Fresh Meat Wednesday’ deal today was chicken breast for a $1.80 a pound. They have this chicken sale once a month, and I’ve made a habit of going and stocking up because that’s the best deal you will ever find on chicken. Sam’s Club has chicken breast for that price all the time, but I don’t like their chicken; it has a weird texture to it. So I packed my troop up and cleared the shelf of chicken breast. A month’s worth of chicken for $34? Sign me up! We also got a gingerbread house kit for $9. I did one with Eowyn last year, and it was so much fun! We’re all looking forward to doing it again this year.

Aldi has the cart system that requires you to deposit a quarter in order to get a cart. You get it back once you return the cart. Today, we left our quarter in the cart for the next person to use. Sometimes simplicity can be very impactful. I hope another mom who was juggling her kids and diaper bag found it and was able to breath a sigh of relief that she didn’t have to dig around for a quarter, but could just dump the kids in and go directly inside the heated store.



Our advent card today was about Mary learning she was going to become pregnant with Jesus.




We actually managed to start earlier this time round, but we still skipped the craft because Ary was SUPER grumpy from not taking a nap earlier (which was of her own doing). Our game ‘Instantly Pregnant’ is another silly game of my own invention. One person pretends to be Mary and the other, Gabriel. Upon hearing Gabriel’s message, the person playing Mary quickly shoves a doll underneath their shirt. They’re instantly pregnant–it’s a miracle!

Or you can do what we did and stuff a real baby under your shirt.


I personally believe that just because it’s a Bible lesson doesn’t mean it has to be “serious”. God wants us to have fun! We need to free ourselves from the obligation of serious Christmas traditions because Christ’s birth is an event to be taken seriously. Yes–take Christ’s birth seriously. But do what the angel’s did and rejoice about it by having FUN! I am in no way trying to make fun of Mary’s devine birth; I definitely take it seriously. But sometimes we have to lighten up a bit.


Cheers to another merry Christmas day!



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