Frozen Birthday Party Prep: DIY Coffee Cups, Sven Hats, and Marshmallow Pops

In my Olaf Games post I mentioned possibly using some of the extra Olaf cups that I made to be used for coffee for the adults. As it turns out, we are expecting a whopping 15 kids at this party, so we will only have 3 extra cups from the Snowball Fight Game. But I really liked the idea of having disposable cups for coffee because it’s just easier to throw them away at the end of the day rather than have a sink full of dishes. So I chose to do the environmentally irresponsible thing and I picked up another $.90 20 pack of styrofoam cups from Walmart; sorry Al Gore.

There’s no reason why the grown-ups can’t have fun cups too, so I decided to decorate them. Instead of drawing Olaf on these, I went with an Olaf quote written in a Frozen inspired font. Every time I sat down to nurse, I grabbed some cups and my Sharpie and made use of the time.


Since I’m an overachiever I tried adding a snowflake boarder with the girls’ blue Crayola washable markers.


I LOVE how they turned out. Unfortunately, the Crayola markers smudge when you pick them up. I am completely out of time, so I won’t be able to buy proper markers to do the boarder in. But I still think the plain quote is cute (I only did the boarder on 1 cup, so they’re not all ruined).

We bought pre made princess Frozen crowns for the girls to wear, but I wanted some kind of birthday hat for the boys as well. Luckily, all the Christmas stuff came out at the beginning of October and I found a ‘make your own reindeer hats’ kit at Hobby Lobby on sale for $3.60 (makes 12 hats). All the pieces were cut out and already had stickers on them, so I was able to slap them together during one nursing session (like I mentioned in my food tent post–multi-task or die!)

Crafting from the Couch

Crafting from the Couch


Pardon the mess in the background, but I have 3 kids…

Sven hats for the boys–done!

Arya LOVES marshmallows, so I knew I wanted to do marshmallow pops. After bedtime, Daddy helped me get them all on sticks.


…We drink wine at the end of the day. Don’t judge us.

I ended up making my own sprinkles by mixing regular granulated sugar with gel icing color. Before you go and roll your eyes at me, let me ask you–have you ever tasted Wilton’s sprinkles? They taste like ass. I’m not going to go through all the trouble of making these marshmallow pops just to cover them in sprinkles that taste like ass. So I took the 5 minutes to make my own. I had another brand of silver sprinkles in my pantry, so I decided to do half of them in blue and half of them in silver. I’m not a fan of candy melts because they’re so thick and (I think) difficult to dip in, so I chose to do white chocolate. I only got about a third of them dipped so far, but I think they turned out pretty well.


I let the girls taste test a couple and they approved, which is all that matters : )


Now, I’ve got to get back to the cake, which is in desperate need of decorating.


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